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Duo Boost (+65%)

Want to play on your own account with our booster as partner? Then choose this option!

Pick Heroes (free)

Want to choose certain heroes to make your booster use only them? Then choose this option and you will be able to pick them in customer area! (You will need to pick at least 2 heroes for each role).

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Select Booster (+0$)

Did you like your previous Booster or just want to select specific person to work on your account? Use this option to choose the right booster!

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Turbo Boost (+0%)

We will increase payout on your order and will stick it to the top of our pending queue.

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Streaming (+0%)

With this option turned on you will be able to watch everything your booster sees during the boosting process.

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Prefered Language (+0$)

We allow to choose a language on which you want to speak with the Booster. For the first 5 minutes your order will be available to claim only to boosters who speak on the languages you specified. This option may cause a delay of the start of the order!

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Approx time:
2 days 15 hours
PayPal (Bank Cards)
G2A (Many Methods inc. Local)
CoinPay (CryptoCurrency)
Your discount: 15% (-$24)

Right now, we are support only PC. Sorry for incovience! We are working to solve this issue.

What happens after payment?

You are going to be redirected back to the website

After the purchase, you will be automatically redirected back to the Rainbow-Boost.com, right to the account creation page or login page.

Account Creation

A really short account creation process before boosting begins. If you already have an account, then just log in and order will appear in your personal area.

Your order claimed by the booster

Usually, orders processed in less than five minutes, but this time could be extended in some situations. You will hear a sound notification from the chat panel in the personal area when an order will be claimed by a booster!

Any answer to the question of rainbow six boosting

I would like to be in contact with people from my friendlist during a boost. Is it possible?

During the boost you will be always in contact with your booster and you can transfer messages through him.

Any answer to the question of rainbow six boosting

What if I want to choose heroes which my booster will play?

We have such option right in customer area, just click the "Pick Heroes" tab!

Any answer to the question of rainbow six boosting

I see an approximate completion time string, will it be completed in that time?

Highly likely or even earlier. However, we can't fully guarantee that and that's why we write it as 'approximate completion time' to give an understanding of how long an rainbow six boost will take. The next factors may slowdown or speed up boosting process: pause of your order, MMR, order type (duo queue orders usually are longer).

Any answer to the question of rainbow six boosting

How can i get a promo code for discount?

You will get your exclusive promo code in customer area. You can find it in loyalty program section. Also, sometimes we announce discount promos or sending unique promo codes to our loyal customers via newsletter.

Rainbow 6 Siege Boost Reviews

so FAST!
Rainbow 6 Siege boost from Bronze III to Silver IV
My booster was a real pro, was nice to meet such person :)
Jorge Ramos
Rainbow 6 Siege boost from Silver III to Gold III
Good service, was fast. Everything as promised.
Rainbow 6 Siege boost from Silver I to Gold II
Love you guys! <3 Will come back
Rainbow 6 Siege boost from Gold I to Platinum II
I had doubts but everything went smooth. Thanks for the service.
Viva Dva
Rainbow 6 Siege boost from Bronze I to Gold I
Everything was fine.
Karamba Boy
Rainbow 6 Siege boost from Silver II to Platinum IV

Advantages of our Rainbow Six Siege Boosting Service!

Boosting service for all rainbow six players

We provide fast, quality and relatively cheap R6 boosting service.

Lightning fast rainbow six boosting

In the very most cases, we start boosting within 5 minutes due to good amount of professional boosters.

Fair rainbow six boosting by pro players

We have an advanced customer area which allows to track progress of your order, chat with your booster and pause a boost anytime you want!


Fast and fair rainbow six boosting service

Our Rainbow Six Siege Boosting Service is an awesome combination of speed and quality due to the strict requirements during booster hirings!

Rainbow six boosting accessible for everyone

We are working every day, hour and minute. We always have boosters online and ready to start working on your order!

Usually, we start boosting within 5 minutes!

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