Rainbow Boost Service FAQ - Answers on Questions about Boosting

Rainbow Boost Service FAQ

On this page, we answer all popular questions related to the rainbow six siege boosting.

Main questions
Rainbow Six boosting questions

What will happen after I make a purchase?

After making a purchase, you will be readdressed back to our service. Here you will have to go through a short account registration process. Thereafter, your order will be included into our database, where one of our R6 Pros can take it to start boosting your rank. Our booster will greet you in chat then. This whole process takes minutes.

Rainbow Six boosting questions

Who will boost rank of my account?

We only hire pro gamers from the top positions of the Platinum and even Diamond League. This ensures fast and hassle-free execution of most orders. We also usually start boost almost immediately on the PC platform.

Rainbow Six boosting questions

How do you conduct a policy of refunds?

If you change your mind before the boost starts, then you can request a full refund of your money. But if boosting has already been started, then we are always ready to calculate a partial refund for you.

Rainbow Six boosting questions

Is it possible that my account will be banned for rank boosting?

Speaking at the moment, we have not met with the ban for boosting.

Common questions
R6 boosting questions

How long can it take to boost me?

On the purchase page, we indicate the estimated lead time. The lead time may vary depending on the number of points you receive for the victory, as well as the type of boost. Duo boost takes longer so it requires you and your booster to play at the same time.

R6 boosting questions

Can I play on my account if the boost has not yet been completed?

This is possible under the condition that you will not play ranked games. You should also make sure that at the moment the booster is not on your account.

R6 boosting questions

How does your support service work?

Our support works daily. You can contact us via facebook messenger by clicking on the icon in the lower left corner. We also accept requests from the customers through the contact form on the "Contacts" page.

R6 boosting questions

I would like to change my booster. How should I do it?

If your booster does not suit you with something, please let us know. We will change it and be sure to understand the situation.

R6 boosting questions

Which servers do you provide boosting on?

We provide boosting services on all available servers. Including American, European and Asian servers.

R6 boosting questions

I would like to be in touch with my friends while the boost is in progress. Is it possible?

Sure, you can send messages via your booster. He will do it and this is part of our service.


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