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Featured Review Bruno overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
3693 MMR
4400 MMR

If your concerned about this being a scam like I was I’m here to tell you it is 100% legit.I can vouch for the two boosters I had “AmirLZ” and “arshi_hidden” both super chill and friendly.I went from 3696 to diamond.and it only took about 3 days.Definetely recommend this platform.

Rainbow Boost Team

Best review, many thanks friend :)

Featured Review pikul.jahr- overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
3999 MMR
4400 MMR

laith. is a fricking god, he took me from p2-diamond in literally 4-5 hours with over a 2.0 KD he was super respectful and did his job amazingly, my favorite booster on this site I fully fully 100/10 recommend him, really great job.. wish I could add more stars

Rainbow Boost Team

I'll do it for you ********************* :) Thanks for review!

Featured Review Kaufee overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
4153 MMR
4400 MMR

First game wasn’t the best first impression. But I will say. Very fast and great to work with. If your gonna pick anyone you should probably pick him. Also that first game was against cheaters so you know it’s not really his fault. Highly recommended. :)

Rainbow Boost Team

Many thanks for recommendations!

Featured Review Powerpoint overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
2210 MMR
2600 MMR

The first booster took 4 days to finish 70 percent of the work, playing 4-5 matches day and frequently not response to messages for 7-8 hours. The second booster AmirLZ was perfect and finished the rest of the work in less then 2 hours.

Rainbow Boost Team

Sorry for the first one! Won't happen again, thanks for your order!

Featured Review Majestik overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
3040 MMR
4400 MMR

xHellJast is amazing. It was my first time using bossting but will definitely come back next season, to get the diamond easily and fast. The guy just keep winning, winning. With a crazy k/d. Thank you to all the team and see you soon.

Rainbow Boost Team

He's one of the best workers around. Thanks for your review!