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Featured Review Zerexair overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
2847 MMR
3200 MMR

So he boosted me from 2800 to 3200, took a bit of time but he did his job perfect, reaction time he had was good and updated me every few hours. Amazing service couldn't ask for more :)

Featured Review Sneeeeeee overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
3916 MMR
4400 MMR

Great job from skyteam, even though he got elo rollback while boosting and faced cheaters the boost was fast. Such an amazing player maintaining very high kd in high elo. Good job bro

Featured Review SMGianluca overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
2906 MMR
3600 MMR

Pulled through for me and did it literally as fast as possible. Feeling sorry that I don't have anything on my PP right now to tip but I can only recommend this booster. Cheers!

Featured Review Kurumi94 overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Silver 1
7 games

i don´t know where to begin but i´m just saying that he is phenomenal :) if there is something, he let you know what it is and so helpful with everything.

Featured Review WonderBoy88 overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
2500 MMR
2600 MMR

Work done to perfection. I played with QODEX, simply perfect: nice, professional and very fast in boosting. recommended for anyone who needs this service!