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Featured Review SenpaiMayo overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
2888 MMR
3100 MMR

I had two boosters. The first one came in and got started pretty quickly, however started complaining that I was gaining points that were less than what I had ordered. My last win I gained almost 70, my last loss I lost almost 60 (I ordered 60-70). So he played a game, and he went 0-4 and also apparently got disconnected, which left me with a loss and a deduction in my desired rating. Then after I received the deduction, that same booster came back and boosted 3 games up (all of which he gained MMR in the amount that I ordered), then lost 2 more - leaving me with an overall gain of like 20 or so MMR. That booster then quit, and Lenny came. After explaining the situation to him, he immediately hopped into game and easily won 4 games in a row, putting me a bit past my now reduced desired score. Every game he updated me and also answered any questions I had with ease. By far Lenny made my experience on this site better after the unfairness I was put through prior to his involvement. Would be happy to use him again.

Rainbow Boost Team

Hi! Well sorry for the first booster, but we always getting better in this :) Won't happen again, thanks for your review.

Featured Review Splashyboi overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
4108 MMR
4200 MMR

Best booster on the planet super fast and keeps your stats high

Rainbow Boost Team

hehe many thanks for kind words!

Featured Review Awww overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
2977 MMR
3200 MMR

good stuff man :)

Rainbow Boost Team

cheers up!

Featured Review Awww overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Silver 1
5 games

Great stuff man :) great KD aswell

Rainbow Boost Team

Thanks for review! Can't ask for more :)

Featured Review 8869 overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
2965 MMR
3200 MMR

G37 You are the best!! :D

Rainbow Boost Team

Heh, he is. Thanks for review!